Chris Brown Baby Drama: Is Brown Bringing Support Payments Down To Punish Baby Mama?

Chris Brown may be taking retaliation to another level if he reduces child support payments to his baby mama, Nia Guzman, for telling everyone the details about their relationship.

TMZ claims to have sources who have revealed Brown never knew he was the father to the 9-month-old baby, Royalty, until former model Nia dropped the big baby bomb in his lap in front of the whole world last month. TMZ also claims Chris Brown quickly made a deal with Nia Guzman about child support payments to keep the whole thing under wraps and out of court and the public spotlight.

In return for large payments, substantially larger payments than a court might order Brown to pay Guzman for child support, Guzman was supposed to keep quiet about details surrounding their relationship. It is rumored that Chris Brown may have cheated on a girlfriend while seeing Nia Guzman.

However, now rumors are swirling that Chris Brown is willing to take a chance in court to have a judge determine just how much Brown should pay his baby mama, and this number could be substantially less than what Brown may currently be paying to Nia.

In the meantime, Chris’s longtime on and off again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, has put a stop to all the nonsense and affirmed Brown’s relationship to Nia’s baby on Twitter. She has also let the world know that she is moving on and has no room in her life for any baby drama at the moment. Brown has not publicly admitted he is the father to the baby as of yet, according to People.

Until Brown publicly admits that he is the father of baby Royalty, the speculation as to how much he intends to be involved in his daughter’s life will only continue to grow. If he is willing to punish the baby’s mother for her spills to the media about details of their relationship, he may not be willing to accept a positive relationship with his daughter.

Fans of Chris Brown can only hope that he will choose to do the right thing for his baby, regardless of his feelings for Nia Guzman. Putting Royalty first will mean Brown will have to put his anger towards her mother aside. Nia will have to stop playing mind games with Chris and let him be a father to his child.

The Chris Brown baby mama drama will likely only continue to grow, as it doesn’t look like Chris Brown is ready to admit to anything just yet.

[Photo by Pool/Getty Images Entertainment]