WWE News: Big Update On Samoa Joe, Tells Ring Of Honor Officials He Is Trying Out With WWE In April

Former TNA Wrestling star Samoa Joe has been a big story for the last several weeks. Ever since he left TNA, many wondered what he would do next. Everyone assumed he’d work the independent scene for a while. Obviously, this made the most sense. Joe has ties with Ring of Honor among many other promotions, so we all assumed he’d go there. Joe appeared at the ROH 13th Anniversary Show last weekend to a big ovation.

He is signed with ROH for a number of dates this month. However, he may not be there for long. WWE has extreme interest in him, specifically Head of Talent Relations Executive Triple H. Triple H has been signing many top indy stars and has been a fan of Joe’s for years. It seems that Joe has gotten the call from WWE and will be reporting to the them for a tryout soon.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Joe told Ring of Honor officials that he will be trying out for the WWE some time in April after WrestleMania 31. It is said that Joe has dates leading up a WWE NXT event at the end of April, so we may end up seeing him try out then.

Due to how well they know Joe, ROH does not expect him to remain with them very long since WWE does have interest. They have no idea how long he will be there, which is why they pushed him into the main event picture so quickly. It is said that Joe is currently making only 60 percent of what ROH is paying Alberto Del Rio now Alberto El Patron to be with them.

El Patron is scheduled to end his work with ROH by April 4.

The appearances with Joe this month are costing ROH less than El Patron, so they want to use him as much as possible.

Regarding Joe’s tryout, Triple H is a huge fan. However, they have to make him tryout like everyone else. They need to get an up close look at him before signing him to a WWE contract. It is an obviously understandable reaction, which most companies would have. Of course, Joe has looked good in TNA. He will most likely do quite well for ROH when he wrestles for them.

However, things can be missed on tape. That is why WWE has the tryouts set up. Joe will most likely try out at the WWE Performance Center to avoid anyone seeing him at a random arena that would cause media buzz. It is uncertain if WWE will hire the 37 year old Samoa Joe. However, the fact that he is getting a tryout at all means he is already liked enough to where his age doesn’t seem to matter.

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