‘Revenge’ Spoilers: Emily’s Latest Plan Hits A Snag In ‘Bait’

Revenge is finally back with new episodes beginning on Sunday, March 8. Fans have been anxious for a string of new episodes and the time has finally come. What can viewers expect from this next show? New Revenge spoilers are out and this should be quite the episode.

TVLine shares a new sneak peek into the episode called “Bait.” Margaux and Emily are very much at odds, and each woman has a plan to get the best of the other. The new Revenge spoiler sneak peek shows that Emily and Nolan are working together on a plan that puts her into a catsuit.

Emily is sneaking into LeMarchal Media and Nolan is electronically helping her with the plan. However, they soon face an unexpected problem. It seems that Emily has some company once she gets inside and she clearly has a lot of scrambling and explaining to do.

The synopsis via TV Guide notes that Margaux will utilize ammunition she has against Jack and Emily. This is going to cause a big change in the dynamics between Emily and Jack, but perhaps in a way that fans will love. Other Revenge spoilers have revealed that Jack is going to take a big leap in visiting Emily at some point in this episode and telling her just how he really feels about her.

Viewers will also see some action involving Natalie in this episode. Revenge spoilers indicate that she will talk with Victoria and share details about exactly why she is in the Hamptons. Emily and Ben will be growing closer in this episode, it seems, and that may be part of what sparks Jack to make his move. Will Emily and Jack finally give a romance a try?

Margaux has vowed to get revenge on Emily, despite Victoria trying to talk her down. Just how will Margaux use the information she has, and will it accomplish what she hopes? Fans have been quite anxious to dive back into this show and this episode seemingly will kick off the remainder of Season 4 in just the right way.

Though many have speculated that Season 4 may end up being the show’s last, there still seems to be a lot to tell. There are still a handful of episodes ahead before the season finale, and many are betting there are big twists and turns ahead. After a difficult break for fans, Revenge is back with “Bait” airing on ABC on Sunday, March 8.

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]