June 29, 2017
Dancing Man Shamed No More: Celebrities Jump In To Throw Man Awesome Party

A dancing man shamed for having a good time and dancing at a concert has received a huge wave of support after his photo was posted on 4chan and Reddit by one anonymous photographer. The dancing man was laughed at by the photographer and his friends, and a second photo showed the man's response, according to Mail Online.

In that one split second, the man went from happy and joyous to sad and ashamed. One Los Angeles-based writer saw the post about him on social media and decided that she wanted to do something to help him. She shared it with her group, and they all decided to throw him an epic party.

She had to find the dancing man first though.

Cassandra Fairbanks and many others jumped onto Twitter to try to find the man. The #Finddancingman hashtag went viral on Twitter, and the man's story was tweeted more 11,000 times in a 24-hour period.

The Twitter campaign was a huge success though. The man was found. He is a man named Sean, and he lives in London. Cassandra passed on her invitation to Sean via a friend, and he shared his own photo with Cassandra via Twitter. Sean is smiling once again.

More than 2,000 women want to throw Sean a party in Los Angeles. The party planning jumped into full mode on Friday, and some big names are now lending their support to Sean because they feel fat shaming is wrong.

According to Metro, Pharrell and Moby have both offered to play at the party when it does happen, and they did not hide this fact. They shared the offers via their own Twitter accounts.

Other celebrities offered to attend the event when it happens. Dita Von Teese went to her Twitter to show her support and to say that she would love to attend.

Ed Westwick also sent out his own message to Sean via Twitter on Friday.

Sean's story has gone viral, and people are definitely showing the world exactly what they think of body shaming of this kind on Twitter. Several people went to their Twitter accounts to share Sean's story.

Sean does live in London, and that means he will need money to fly to Los Angeles. Cassandra has found a way to cover those expenses. She set up a GoFundMe account for his travel expenses, but it has received so much more money than what was needed. At the time of this posting, more than $25,000 has been raised for Sean.

Obesity is a problem faced by many around the world. It is not easy to lose weight, but it can be done. In a previous report by the Inquisitr, the story of woman that lost 800 pounds since 2011 went viral. She changed her complete outlook on food. She did have help, but she needed to fight to lose the weight as well. Being overweight does not give people the right to shame anyone though.

As for Sean, Cassandra Fairbanks wrote about his body shaming story, and she shared about her conversation with him for The Free Thought Project.

"My conversation with Sean has restored my faith in humanity. Despite this cruel attempt to shame an innocent man, at the end of our talk, he said, 'Big-hearted people far outweigh the small minded, every day of the week.'"

Sean is not able to attend his party yet due to previous commitments, but he will be free soon. The party will be scheduled at that time.

What do you think Sean's story?

[Photo: Cassandra Fairbanks Twitter]