Katie Couric As Brian Williams’ Replacement: Sources Say She’s Under Consideration

Is Katie Couric Brian Williams’ replacement for NBC after the controversy he’s faced? That is the buzz making the rounds, but it sounds like not everybody is thrilled with the possibility. What’s the scoop available so far?

According to the Daily Mail, NBC is looking to bring Katie Couric back in the wake of the Brian Williams issues. Williams has been suspended after issues came out that he had not been truthful in some stories and reports. Supposedly, Couric is close to incoming chairman Andrew Lack, and the two have been discussing the possibility of her return to NBC.

Of course, heading to Nightly News isn’t the only NBC gig that Couric could consider if she’s truly interested in returning to the network. Given her previous work, she could theoretically head to Today or begin her own recurring show of some sort as a special correspondent.

Couric was with NBC until 2006, and she went on to do the evening news for CBS until 2011. She’s done other gigs since then, including a couple of seasons hosting her own talk show for ABC, and she is now working with Yahoo. However, some think that the time might be right for her to return to her former roots.

Per the New York Daily News, however, not everybody is happy about the buzz that Couric is considering a move back to NBC. In fact, sources seemingly indicate that to say some staffers are unhappy about the possibility is a massive understatement.

Sources say, “Katie will do anything to keep her name attached to the peacock. If there’s any opening, Brian Williams or a lighting guy at ‘SNL,’ you can bet she’s the one telling people that she’s been approached for it.”

The source goes on to say that should Katie Couric get Brian Williams’ gig or anything else at NBC, it would be over the dead bodies of many already with the network, and there would be a sizable revolt. While Katie is known for being a serious journalist with a sweetheart persona, many say behind the scenes things were quite different.

For now, the Katic Couric in Brian Williams’ spot talk seems to be nothing more than that — just talk. Despite the controversy, the network hasn’t indicated whether or not Williams will be gone for good. For now, curious fans will have to stay tuned for more news.

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