'The Following' Season 3: Is Ryan's New Girlfriend A Friend Or Foe?

The Following Season 3 is bringing plenty of questions, including those surrounding Ryan's new girlfriend. For those who have been watching The Following since it's first episode, you know that Ryan doesn't exactly have a track record of healthy relationships.

The first season of The Following featured Ryan dating the ex-wife of the serial killer he was hunting, until that relationship ended rather brutally. While Ryan and Claire had seemingly found happiness, they were both stabbed by a follower of Joe, and it seemed as though Claire was dead. Season 2 of The Following saw Ryan fall for a beautiful woman who was seemingly a victim of more of Joe's followers. It turns out she was a follower herself.

Eventually, Ryan found that Claire wasn't really dead. They tried to rekindle their romance, but she realized they just weren't right for each other. Season 3 of The Following has now landed Ryan in the lap of Gwen. Gwen is a doctor who worked at a hospital Ryan had to visit, and the two hit it off right away. As Hypable points out, the chemistry between the two was rather obvious. One of the things that seems to have drawn Ryan even closer to Gwen is that when killer Mark Gray's plan started to come together at a wedding the pair attended, Gwen wasn't scared off.

As most viewers of The Following know, Gwen not being scared might be a pretty bad sign. Those on The Following who don't seem all that scared by murder and mayhem tend to be those who like murder and mayhem. One can hope that The Following's creators will be smart enough not to have yet another love interest turn out to be a killer. As far as plot points go, it would be more interesting if she turned into a target of this season's murderers than an ally.

There have been quite a few rumblings that someone important to the plot of the show is going to die soon, and we know it likely isn't Ryan. That leaves Gwen on the potential chopping block. Design Trend points out that Joe's mentor, Arthur Strauss, seems to be back, and that's bad news for just about everyone else. Relationships on the show are never easy, but Episode 2 of Season 3 also seems to hint at more couples having problems. Just what troubles lay ahead for Ryan and Gwen in The Following is something we'll all have to wait and see.

[Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images]