Arrest Report Update: Nathan Griffith Claimed ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Is Always Violent With Him

According to an arrest report, Nathan Griffith may not have been the aggressor in his alleged assault on Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans.

On March 6, Radar Online revealed, via the March 4 arrest report, Griffith made “statements about [Evans] always being violent with him” and claimed “he has marks from other altercations.”

“[Griffith] did show the [responding officer] marks on his back. The R/O asked [Griffith] if he called the police,” but he said, “he did not call the police due to not wanting to get [Evans] in trouble.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the arrest report claimed Evans had alleged Griffith pinned her to a toilet at their South Carolina home. According to the reality star, Griffith demanded she remove her engagement ring, and when she refused, he attempted to rip it off her finger, cutting her pinky in the process. The incident, according to Us Weekly, occurred after Evans returned home from a days-long stay at a local hotel.

While Evans later denied filing charges against Griffith, her arrest report recount of their alleged altercation was enough to convince the state to move forward with charges of domestic violence.

Also in the Radar Online report, a source claimed Griffith has been trying to end his relationship with Evans for months.

“Nathan has been trying to push Jenelle away for months but it keeps backfiring on him. He tries to leave her but then she says she’s going to blackmail him. She threatens to tell everyone about the skeletons in his closet.”

Evans and Griffith became engaged in early January, and ever since, things between them have been strained. Now, following the release of the shocking arrest report, Griffith is more convinced than ever that he needs to cut ties with his former fiancé. In fact, he’s said to be “fearful for his life.”

Griffith is so sure of his need to move on from the relationship that he actually convinced Evans he was cheating on her in an effort to get her to leave him.

“Nathan thought if he said he was cheating that Jenelle would get mad enough at him to leave. He isn’t cheating on her, he just tried to get her to make a move, but it all backfires on him. He tries to leave and she stands in front of his truck. There is nothing he can do.”

Following the arrest report release, Evans reportedly began looking for apartments for her and her son, Kaiser.

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