Kim Kardashian Turns Paris Fashion Week Into Kanye PDA Playground

Kim Kardashian strutted into Paris Fashion Week and nabbed the spotlight, from her braless look to her blonde hair. Toting Kanye West as her one-of-a-kind fashion accessory, Kim used the romantic city to stir up a new level of passion, as the two offered up some very public displays of affection (PDA) for the inevitable crowd of photographers, reported People.

Although Kim has made it clear that she adores her toddler North West, she wants a second baby. Kardashian even went public with precisely how many times a day they are engaging in baby-making activities.

“I’ve been having sex 500 times a day,” announced Kim to the world as part of the Season 10 promo for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

As for that blonde hair? Kardashian chose to go platinum for an adventure, her hairstylist confided in Us Weekly.

“It’s a really fun adventure for her!” said Lorri Goddard. “It’s something she’s said outright that she’s been thinking about for a while, but the time just hasn’t been right.”

For those concerned that Kim is endangering a baby bump by having her hair dyed, she’s made it clear that she and Kanye have not yet succeeded in their pregnancy goal, reported Baby Center.

“Oh, I’m practicing really hard,” revealed Kim. “I try as many times a day I can.”

Kardashian, who grew up in a large family, also shared that she wants her daughter North West, whom she calls Nori, to have a brother or sister.

“Nori, this one is for you. You need a sibling,” added Kim.

And Kardashian also discounted any rumors that her weight gain is due to pregnancy.

“We’ve really been trying for another kid. More kids can’t come soon enough! … I’m praying about it. I am not pregnant right now, not that I know of, but no, I’m not. I wish I was. I’m about 15 pounds heavier, but I’m not [pregnant].”

Although Kim wants a second baby, Sharon Osbourne has criticized Kardashian’s parenting skills, as the Inquisitr reported.

Kim recently took the little 20-month-old girl to a fashion show, where she shrieked from the front row adorned in a real fur outfit and bulletproof vest. Osbourne attacked her for using her as an accessory.

“[North] isn’t an accessory—she shouldn’t be wearing ugly couture clothes,” declared Sharon. “[Fur] makes me physically sick, and wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how rich you are.”

What do you think? Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West good parents? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]