‘Supernatural’ Moves To Humpday For An Even Bumpier Ride [Gallery]

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Supernatural season 10. Proceed at your own risk.

The CW just announced a big change for Supernatural fans, when it revealed the Winchester brothers would be moving to Wednesdays, but, as Metatron points out in the promo posted to Supernatural‘s Facebook page, “It worked before.”

The Supernatural teaser, appropriately entitled the “Look Ahead Trailer,” introduces fans to some pretty intense fight scenes and new storylines, but it focuses mainly on the move to Wednesdays. Eager to maintain their strong fanbase, it seems that both the CW network and the makers of Supernatural want to be sure fans follow Supernatural to its new night, according to International Business Times.

As Sammy says in this latest Supernatural teaser, “Learn it, live it, love it.”

So, what can Supernatural fans expect when the Winchester brothers settle into their new Wednesday night time slot? One of the biggest storylines, as well as one of the newest, would have to be Crowley’s plans, where Sam and Dean Winchester are concerned, particularly so after his revelation to Rowena that he had the Winchesters right where he wants them. Dean’s refusal to return the First Blade to Crowley only exasperated matters further, making Crowley’s vengeance that much more of an inevitable part of the last half of Supernatural‘s tenth season.

Cole also returns and, in spite of the seemingly amicable parting he’d shared with Dean in his last Supernatural appearance, photo stills suggest a scene with Dean torturing Cole, reports TV Over Mind. Apparently, the monster of the week is a “Khan-like worm,” which suggests that what appears to be torture may be misinterpreted. As is sometimes the case on Supernatural, what seems to be torture may only be the eldest Winchester brother attempting to save Cole’s life.

Finally, there’s the unresolved issue of the Mark of Cain. When last the subject was broached, which involved that confrontation with “the Father of Murder,” Dean came to the decision that he would no longer pursue a cure or a release from the Mark. As long-time fans of Supernatural have come to learn, those kinds of ambiguous decisions tend to come back and bite the Winchester brothers in their collective behinds. That storyline is far from over.

Supernatural will debut on its new night on March 18 with the 15th episode of season 10, entitled “The Things They Carried.”

There are definitely some exciting changes ahead for the Winchester brothers when Supernatural returns on its new night. Hopefully, Dean will have outgrown his Taylor Swift fanboy phase by then.

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