RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey Defends Spreading Cheating Rumors, But Says Apollo Nida Not Credible

Cynthia Bailey says spreading the rumor that Phaedra Parks is having an affair was the right thing to do because cast mate Kenya Moore deserved vindication. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, however, admits Apollo Nida is only credible when it comes to spreading rumors about his wife, not about Moore.

Bailey took to her RHOA blog Thursday to explain the reason she felt justified in telling Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan about Phaedra’s alleged affair with an African prince named Chocolate. Dishing the information was the right thing to do, she claims, because Phaedra lodged a smear campaign against Moore two years ago.

“I passed this information along to Kenya, because I was naturally sympathetic to the hurt and pain she must have gone through as a result of these vicious claims. I thought that is was only fair that Kenya knew her accuser’s character was now being called into question. Ironically by the same source.”

Cynthia Bailey says she can empathize with Moore’s suffering from the fallout of the false rumors started about her; however, in explaining why she is empathetic towards her cast mate, Bailey admits Apollo Nida is untrustworthy.

“Had Phaedra marked my life by broadcasting a worldwide whore campaign with no real facts (at least not from a credible source) without an apology (even after her clean man came clean), I would have been quite emotional as well.

As fans may remember, the source of the “facts” given to Phaedra Parks two years ago regarding Kenya Moore propositioning Parks’ husband is the same exact “source” who is now claiming Phaedra is a cheater — Apollo Nida.

Bailey goes on to say she has no regrets that she shared Apollo’s latest claims with Phaedra in front of the other cast members. While she and Parks are not the best of friends, Cynthia said her cast mate deserved to know what Nida was saying about her and of course what better way to give Parks that information than in front of their “group of friends.”

Cynthia Bailey came under fire this week as fans reacted with outrage in regards to the role she played in spreading the cheating rumors about her cast mate. Phaedra Parks is none too happy either and says Cynthia is classless. NeNe Leakes, on the other hand, seems to think her RHOA co-star brought up the cheating rumor in the manner she did because Bailey has no storyline.

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