Aaron Paul: Jesse Pinkman On ‘Better Call Saul’? ‘Hopefully One Day’

Aaron Paul is itching to reclaim his role as meth aficionado Jesse Pinkman on the new series Better Call Saul. The only problem is fitting him back into the plot. Considering the series reintroduced Breaking Bad villain Tuco, it doesn’t sound all that far-fetched.

Aaron Paul was speaking to Variety at the Unite4Humanity charity event, when the show Better Call Saul came up. Paul appears to be a fan, and wants in.

“I love it. It’s a little weird because it kind of looks like Breaking Bad. It has somewhat of a little bit different tone, but I know everyone involved, and I’m not involved in it at all and it’s a little weird, a little sad, but it’s great.”

Of course, Paul isn’t just watching and dreaming about being on the show, he’s talking it over with the crew, there’s just one problem with Jesse Pinkman making a Better Call Saul debut.

“We always have fun having that discussion — Vince [Gilligan], myself, Peter [Gould], the writers. We just have no idea how that would happen. But hopefully one day.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bob Odenkirk already said viewers will still see some Breaking Bad characters in his show.

“If you go into that world, I think you’ll see four or five of them… You’ll see more, or [at least] hear about more.”

According to Digital Spy, Odenkirk explained that the Better Call Saul writers have a board of Breaking Bad characters on a wall, mostly minor characters. Think Skinny Pete or Bogdan Wolynetz (the carwash owner with thick eyebrows). From the board, they’ve taken a few, but nothing like a reappearance from one of Breaking Bad‘s main characters Jesse Pinkman or Walter White.

So how could Jesse Pinkman show up to the offices of Saul Goodman?

Remember that Better Call Saul is a prequel to Breaking Bad.

In the original series, Pinkman recommends Saul to Walter White to help get Badger out of jail, explaining you need a “criminal lawyer.”

How Pinkman became so familiar with Saul’s reputation might be one thing that could be fleshed out on a few episodes of the new series. But, that’s all just a speculative idea.

Producer Michelle MacLaren also affirmed her support for Jesse Pinkman, or even Walter White, to appear on Better Call Saul.

She explained to Variety, “I think it’s open to whoever Vince and Peter decide to bring in. I would imagine that everyone who would ask would say yes, but I have no idea what they’re going to do with it.”

With or without Jesse Pinkman, the new show is on its way to becoming the next big AMC hit. Better Call Saul already has the greenlight for a second season.

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