Ultrasound Captures Baby ‘Playing’ In Womb [Video]

In a video that has gone viral, an ultrasound captured a baby playing while still in the womb.

Any woman who has ever carried a baby has felt, at times, that the baby she is carrying is using her bladder as his or her own personal trampoline — and it seems like there is now have video proof. That pressure you feel may really be your baby deciding to jump on your bladder, but hey — it’s all in good fun.

The video itself is four years old, and that jumping little fetus is now a growing little girl, but the video has recently gained attention and now has more than half a million views. And the little girl? Well, according to her mother, she still has plenty of spunk.

Sherine Gayle-Slater, the mother, says she was still in the first trimester when the ultrasound of her baby girl was taken.

“I think I was somewhere between 8-12 weeks pregnant because I could not feel her movements. If it wasn’t for the sono, I would not believe it…she’s an absolute joy.”

Almost as adorable as seeing the tiny little fetus happily stretching her legs, exploring and playing in the womb is the reactions of her family as they watch her debut on the big screen. At one point, you can hear a child say clearly, “OK, now I’m going to love you,” to the little baby still inside the womb.

It’s been known for some time that babies develop a lot in the womb, and that development is a lot more than just the actual growth of limbs and hair and organs.

They are learning to move tiny fingers and toes, as well as their limbs. They dream, yawn, suck their thumbs, all within the womb. A sense of touch is developed early, and an unborn baby will spend a lot of time exploring — touching the walls of the womb and umbilical cord, as well as its own body. Hearing kicks in pretty early, as well, at around 16 weeks, first noticing internal noises, like the sound of the mother’s heartbeat.

But by around 24 weeks, a fetus will begin to respond to noises heard on the outside of the womb, as well. Sight is actually the last sense to development, and is one that becomes “fine tuned” after the birth of the baby, but by around seven months, eyelids begin to open and a baby will respond to a light trained on the mother’s stomach.

In fact, it’s because of all the development that goes on in the womb that this tiny baby was able to say “I love you” at just ten weeks of age. To watch that video, click here — but not before watching the baby playing in her mother’s womb below.