Kaitlyn Bristowe In L.A. With Film Crew As Official ‘Bachelorette’ 2015 Confirmation Looms

Though ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 star won’t be officially announced by the network until Monday night during the finale of Chris Soules’ Bachelor season, at this point all signs are pointing to Kaitlyn Bristowe. Several sources have said the decision is in place and now Kaitlyn’s social media posts definitely appear to seal the deal. What’s the latest?

On Friday Bristowe tweeted that she was in Los Angeles and if anybody was game, she would be at the Universal CityWalk. Just what was she doing there? Posts later in the day and from others on social media indicate that she happened to have a film crew with her, though of course she didn’t reveal exactly what they were working on.

At least one Twitter user shared a photo showing not only the film crew, but a bit of Kaitlyn looking pretty dolled up. While of course the shots don’t specifically show anything absolutely confirming this is being done for ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season, it would be quite the coincidence if it’s not related.

Some fans will surely theorize that this is all coordinated as perhaps an attempt for Kaitlyn to generate buzz even though she’s not The Bachelorette. Others may think this is a way to throw fans off the course that it’s really Britt who will be handing out roses. However, oftentimes in scenarios like this the simplest explanation is also the most likely: filming for Kaitlyn’s introduction segments for the new season has gotten started.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have said that filming for Season 11 officially begins either Tuesday, March 10, or Wednesday, March 11. It is standard for the show to do some shooting with the lead ahead of the big introduction night, so the fact that Kaitlyn is in Los Angeles with a film crew days before Season 11 begins filming certainly seems to be setting the stage for her own season.

Many thought that Britt Nilsson would get the nod for this season, and some are still rallying for that to be the case. However, Kaitlyn Bristowe became something of a sleeper pick and ultimately won over those with the show and the viewers. Reality Steve’s spoilers have said that Kaitlyn is The Bachelorette 2015 star and come The Bachelor 2015 finale on March 9, viewers will hear it one way or another for themselves.

Bristowe may not have earned Chris Soules’ final rose, but she seemingly earned the opportunity to search for love on her terms. Will she find her Mr. Right this spring? ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season will premiere in May and plenty of spoilers will be coming out as Kaitlyn Bristowe starts filming her new season, once ABC confirms that’s the official plan.

[Image via Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Instagram]