Cate Blanchett And Husband Add To Family, Couple Adopts A Child

Cate Blanchett and her husband, Andrew Upton, just added a new addition to their family — a child. The pair has decided to adopt a baby girl.

Blanchett’s rep told E! about the exciting new time in the couple’s life with their baby girl.

“The Upton family [Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton] have adopted a baby girl. No further details will be provided.”

Although we don’t have any additional information that we can confirm, according to Women’s Weekly, their daughter’s name is Vivienne.

A source close to the Academy Award actress told the publication, “She’s really excited and clearly besotted.”

This isn’t the only child the couple has. Blanchett and Upton, who have been married since 1997, have three additional children — Ignatius Martin Upton, Robert Upton, and Dashiell John Upton. Back in 2013, Blanchett spoke with AnOther magazine about raising her boys.

“I’d have three more. It’s the chaos of it. I love it. I am so unhappy being away from them. They are so funny and wicked.”

Speaking more about her children, she revealed on Sunrise that her children are excited for her new movie, Cinderella, which sees her play the calculating Lady Tremaine.

“My children are completely in the stage where I’m an utter embarrassment. I don’t force them on a Saturday night to sit home and watch mummy’s movies, wire coat-hanger in hand, but they’ll see this one for sure.”

Aside from being a mother to four children now, Blanchett has been in the middle of a press tour for her new film Cinderella.

Recently, she explained to the New York Times how different Kenneth Branagh’s interpretation of the Cinderella tale is.

“In the 1950s classic of the story, Cinderella was a bit of a doormat – she was incredibly beautiful, she moved gracefully. You also didn’t really understand the prince apart from the fact that he was gorgeous and he rescued her.”

She continued, “[Branagh] kept talking about kindness as a super power, which I think has taken the story into a contemporary arena. In this cut-throat world where economics is everything, if you stop and pause, have empathy and kindness towards someone, then people can walk all over you.”

[Photo Gaye Gerard / Getty Images]