Alexis Bellino Gets A Large Amount Of Pearl Gifts: ‘RHOOC’ Star Wants To Know Why

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino hasn’t been filming the show for a few years now, but she is still keeping things glamorous and classy. Lydia McLaughlin, who recently gave birth to her third child, has revealed that she still keeps in touch with Alexis, so Bellino did leave the show with a few friends in tow.

Back in January, Alexis Bellino celebrated a birthday and this year, she is seeing a theme in the gifts she is receiving. Apparently, Bellino has received a large amount of pearl gifts from a large variety of people. And now, Alexis wants to know what pearls mean, as she is getting quite a few gifts that are very similar.

According to a new Instagram post, The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino doesn’t know why she is getting these gifts and people appear to have different opinions on what these gifts could mean.

“This was my birthday “year” of pearls. My birthday was back in January, but I continue to get amazing belated gifts and they all seem to be pearls. Does anyone know what that signifies? Thank you DNA Couture Boutique in Laguna Niguel for this gorgeous Pearl and Swarovski Bow bracelet! XO,” Alexis Bellino revealed on Instagram yesterday, as she continued to get gifts weeks after her birthday.

Alexis’ followers had all kinds of interpretations, both good and bad. While one person felt that they had a negative connotation, another person felt that there were nothing but good things coming from these gifts.

“If someone gives you pearls it means tears,” one follower replied to Bellino’s pictures, while another said, “pearls signifies wealth now in the Latino race it is a symbol of generosity and protection of a mother to her children..”

Alexis Bellino has been keeping busy in Orange County without filming The Real Housewives of Orange County. There had been rumors that she would be returning to the show because the Bellino family was struggling for money. Back in 2013, the couple filed for bankruptcy because their companies weren’t going as they had expected. And maybe Bellino wants to film for Bravo again to get more money. According to the Inquisitr, Alexis is desperate for attention and would love to return to the show. But Bravo isn’t too desperate to get her back.

What do you think of Alexis Bellino’s gifts? Are you surprised that she is getting so many pearls?

[Image via Bravo]