Kim Richards Welcomes Kingsley Back Into Her Home, Sister Kyle Is Reportedly ‘Furious’

Kim Richards of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has reportedly allowed her pit bull, Kingsley, back into her Los Angeles home.

Following two reported attacks, one on her niece, Alexia, and another on her former friend, 80-year-old Kay Rozario, Kim Richards is said to have angered her sister, Kyle, Alexia’s mother, by bringing Kingsley home.

In November of last year, Kingsley reportedly attacked Alexia, leaving her in need of multiple surgeries on her hand. Days later, Rozario went public with her own claims of an attack, which allegedly took place in early 2014.

On March 6, a source confirmed to Radar Online that Kingsley was back living with Kim Richards.

“Kingsley was returned to Kim’s house in the last few weeks. She is happy to have the dog back.”

Following the dog’s 2014 attacks, Kim Richards reportedly sent it away in hopes of training it to behave better and be less aggressive towards others, so that he could return to her home. Unfortunately, Kyle was not on board with the plan and felt Kim Richards wasn’t being responsible.

“While Kyle has publicly supported Kim keeping the dog since the attack, it’s very different behind closed doors. Kingsley, a pit bull, has a history of biting people, and Kyle thinks it’s just irresponsible to keep the dog. It doesn’t matter that the dog has been sent off to yet another trainer. In Kyle’s opinion, Kingsely is very dangerous and needs to be re-homed. Kim is choosing the dog over her family, and it’s absolutely appalling to Kyle.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kyle recently spoke of Kim Richards and her dog in an interview with Extra TV. On March 5, the mother of Alexia admitted things had been “difficult” after Kingsley’s attack.

While Kyle likely understands Kim Richards’ attachment to the dog, there comes a point where one must draw the line and make the appropriate decision for those around her.

In a second March 5 report, via Radar Online, a source claimed Kyle and Kim Richards continued to feud over the issue at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 reunion.

According to the Radar Online source, Kyle and Kim Richards openly discussed Kingsley’s November attack on Alexia at the taping, and addressed the possibility of him returning to Richards’ home.

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