Susan G. Komen Foundation Promotes Pink Guns Following Planned Parenthood Controversy

The backlash against the Susan G. Komen Foundation that followed the group’s controversial decision to defund Planned Parenthood has been stunning, a goodwill implosion on social media the likes of which have not been seen probably ever.

Komen is the pink-ribbon breast cancer charity- in the past decade or so, the month of October has largely been coated in pink to raise “awareness” for breast cancer, and it was up until this week a relatively safe group with which to align. But all that changed when Komen- in a fairly baldfaced political move against abortion- pulled funding for breast cancer services from Planned Parenthood clinics. And while a small number of supporters have lauded the decision on sites like Facebook and Twitter, the decision has been far more loudly and completely decried by women and Planned Parenthood supporters and senators and pretty much everyone else.

It’s undeniable that the few that support the decision skew conservative, while the Planned Parenthood supporters are far more frequently liberal, which is why some other news unearthed about Komen and what it finds acceptable is riling people even more- the organization has partnered with a company selling pink-topped handguns. Aside from abortion, guns are probably the most divisive issue in the United States, and stacked together, it certainly seems Komen has aligned firmly with only one half of America. (And as a strong supporter of gun rights, I do find it a bit weird that a charity ostensibly dedicated to saving lives would promote a product for which the main purpose is taking them.)

A post over on Daily Kos quotes a recent press release about the Komen-endorsed pink handgun:

Discount Gun Sales is proud to team up with the Susan B. Koman Foundation to offer the Walther P-22 Hope Edition in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of each P-22 Hope Edition will be donated to the Seattle Branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The P-22 Hope Edition has an exclusive DuraCoat Pink slide in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Utilizing the same reliable controls and firing mechanism that has made the Walther P-22 America’s top selling handgun, the Hope Edition will be a limited production pistol offered exclusively through Discount Gun Sales.

Have you pulled support from the Susan G. Komen Foundation this week and/or thrown it toward Planned Parenthood?