Bill Murray Avoids Awkward Moment In Sex Scene With Naomi Watts With Four Words

When Naomi Watts experienced an awkward moment during a sex scene with Bill Murray on the set of St. Vincent, Murray handled the situation perfectly, causing gales of laughter.

So says Ted Melfi, director of St. Vincent, a movie in which Watts plays the part of pregnant Russian stripper, during a Nerdist Podcast recently.

According to CBS This Morning, from the start Watts was a little scared of working with Murray, and not just because she had to pretend to have sex with the actor, but because she totally respects Murray and considers him to be an icon.

“The anticipation of it was terrifying. I just thought this is going to be so scary because he’s so good [at] what he does. I heard he doesn’t suffer fools and doesn’t fall in love with everyone right away, and so I was kind of terrified and just not having done comedy before or for a long time.”

But she did get nervous during the sex scene and what better way to lighten the mood than by cracking jokes? According to Melfi this is exactly what Murray did to lighten the mood.

Murray reportedly understands that people get nervous working with him and knows just how to handle every situation. Melfi explained the awkward moment and what actually happened.

“She’s on top of him, bouncing along, and she’s a nervous wreck. She has just met the man. She loves him. She loves his work. He’s an icon. She’s bouncing on top of him, and everyone is just watching this. Her ears are red she’s so nervous. And I say, “Cut!” [Bill Murray] looks up at [Naomi Watts] and he goes, “Are you seeing anyone?”

Safe to say, Watts immediately started “howling with laughter” at those four little words, and presumably at that moment all her fears went literally out of the window.

The two actors apparently worked totally comfortably together from that moment onwards without a further awkward moment.

Watts appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently talking about working with Murray. While not speaking about the sex scenes she did say she still receives text messages from him.

It’s interesting to think that Murray’s words, “Are you seeing anyone?” could actually be handy in most awkward moments when it comes to simulated sex with a virtual stranger.

Speaking of Bill Murray, the Inquisitr reported on another cool story about the St. Vincent star, where Murray was recently pictured in the studio with none other than rapper Rick Ross.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]