Nokia’s N1 Clones the iPad Mini, Is It a Better Buy?

Nokia has created a perfect tablet to satisfy their loyal consumers while taking away some steam from its competitors, including Apple. The Nokia N1 is their latest device and it is drawing rave reviews for its specs and a design that is eerily similar to the iPad Mini. The downside – it is currently only sold in China. It is the first tablet developed by Nokia, a company that is known best for its smartphones.

To the naked eye from the shape of the Nokia N1, the comparisons are close. The 7.9 inch screen and 2048×1536 resolution is identical to that of the iPad Mini versions 2 and 3. According to the PC Advisor, the Nokia N1 is a better value.

Unlike the Apple iPad Mini, the N1 uses an Android operations system. Android 5.0 guarantees the availability of the apps that tablet users are accustomed to. So if you are a fan of apps such as Facebook, Snap Chat and Amazon Kindle, while having fell in love with games like Clash of Clans and Trivia Crack, do not worry, those apps will be around.

The screen is Gorilla Glass 3, a durable glass that would not break if it were to be dropped or sat on. The edges of the Nokia N1 is just slightly different from the Apple iPad Mini. They are curved versus being square. Users will see the similarities with the speaker placement though. They are on the side.

The N1’s functionality is said to be different from the Apple iPad Mini. Instead of scrolling with your fingers to access tabs on the touch screen, Nokia introduces a scribble function. With this function tablet users will be able to scribble the first letter of each app for access of it.

Thus far the Nokia N1 enters the tablet market with a modest price tag of $249 in American currency. That it is only being sold in one country (China) is a shame. There are some other robust features that will make you want one for yourself.

According to Engadget, the Nokia N1 employs a 2.3 GHz Atom processer, 2 gigabytes of RAM and a 32 gigabyte hard drive. The scribble function a.k.a. the Z Launcher is the Beta version of the program. It is said that it will simplify use of the tablet by eliminating tapping on the screen. This will come in handy if you have oily fingers and a preference for keeping your tablet screen clean.

Nokia has a great device on their hands for anyone who loves the iPad Mini’s style. The Nokia N1 wins in terms of price, value and functionality. Its downside is the lack of familiarity to consumers and the fact that it is only sold in China. Expect the latter to be remedied at some point during the year as Nokia has suggested that their clone of Apple’s iPad Mini, the Nokia N1, will be released in additional countries soon.