Has Karrueche Tran Found A New Man? Breezy’s Ex Holds Hands With Hunk

Karrueche Tran may or may not be heartbroken over the latest drama that surrounds Chris Brown. It’s hard to tell because she’s reportedly all smiles and spending time with her friends, including a tall and handsome publicist by the name of Shae Savin. The Daily Mail reports that Breezy’s ex has been spotted out and about holding hands with Savin — and the smile on her face makes it hard to believe that she ended a long-term relationship just days ago.

Paparazzi caught Tran and Savin in Hollywood on Wednesday night after they were leaving Warwick nightclub. The duo looked like they may have been on a date — a suspicion only heightened by the fact that they were openly holding hands with smiles on their faces in front of the cameras. The two weren’t out completely alone, however, during a group night out with Tran’s friends who have reportedly rallied behind her during this difficult time. It looks like the support of her friends have all but erased her memory of Chris Brown’s infidelity and resulting baby-mama-drama.

Hollywood Life reports that there is no romance between Shae Savin and Karrueche Tran, but it should be noted that Savin is also reportedly single. So there isn’t necessarily anything stopping them from pursuing any romantic endeavors. On the other hand, it could easily be argued by fans that Kae and Shae held hands to make Brown jealous after he embarrassed her with his infidelity once again. By the way, how cute of a couple do “Kae and Shae” make?

In case you haven’t heard by now, Karrueche is a single woman. She reportedly broke up with Brown over Twitter for the second time after it was confirmed by a blood test that he is the father of a nine-month-old baby girl. Kae has weathered numerous allegations of infidelity against Brown and has stood by his side regardless of all the gossip that’s been thrown their way. Nonetheless, this revelation comes as a final embarrassing blow to their relationship, and Karrueche doesn’t look like she’s about to let it keep her down. She may not be moving on with her publicist (at least, not according to gossip reports yet), but she’s showing that she’s a strong enough person to put her head up and go out in public with a smile after breaking away from a potential high drama situation. With more than four years of her life spent in the shadow of Chris Brown’s drama, it’s her time to shine.

[Photo: X17Online]