Kate Middleton In Danger? Duchess Has Over 220 Stalkers, According To New Report

Kate Middleton could be in danger next month when she gives birth, according to a shocking new report. A specialized security team is currently monitoring up to 220 identified people as potential stalkers. These people could become a potential threat to the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is currently pregnant with her and Prince William's second child.

The U.K. tabloid, the Mirror, cited information from the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre on Thursday. Middleton is expected to give birth next month, which is considered as a special event in the U.K. Security is on high alert, since as many as 220 stalkers could visit the hospital that Middleton is expected to give birth in.

The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is a police and mental health unit that's a part of the London Metropolitan Police Department's Royal Protection, according to E! Online. This unit investigates and monitors people that are "fixated on protected persons and sites." It currently has one community support officer, three nurses, and nine detectives. Both officers and nurses are currently conducting "welfare and medication checks" on the people who they believe to be the most "high risk" individuals involved with Middleton. The FTAC is currently using online sources to identify these dangerous individuals, according to the source.

Dai Davies is a retired Metropolitan police official. He currently served as the Head of Royal Protection for several years, according to E! Online. Davies told the news site that royal marriages and births attract stalkers and "give rise to a greater likelihood of an incident." Security increased in the months leading up to the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William on April 29, 2011.

"They give rise to a greater likelihood of an incident. If you look back through history the greatest threat to the Royal family apart from the IRA has been fixated individuals.

Prevention is one of the key areas. Because in about 70 percent of cases where there have been attacks, the fixated person has indicated before the incident that they are going to do something."

According to the Mirror, about 40 percent of Britain's most dangerous stalkers follow the Royal family very closely. Many of these stalkers are led to believe that they are the true heir to the throne, that the family is in love with them, or that the royal family is possessed by demons. There's no doubt that some of Middleton's stalkers could claim to be in love with the Duchess. The report also stated that the Buckingham Palace receives 10,000 letters per year from stalkers and fans.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Frank Farnham, who also works with the FTAC, told the Mirror the following: "We have a significant number of people who believe they are the Queen or are in a love with Prince William."

Kate Middleton stepped out of hiding earlier this week, according to the Inquisitr. She wore a purple floral dress to a birthday party at the Belgravia's Goring Hotel. Kate wore a three-quarter, knee-length dress that displayed her small baby bump. Kate Middleton reportedly looked "beautiful" and glowing during this rare sighting.

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