Miley Cyrus Pregnant Rumors Mocked With Parody As She Gets Closer To Boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger [Video]

Miley Cyrus has been pregnant for years, according to the tabloids. So the pop singer finally decided to answer the rumors and fake reports by mocking them with a pregnancy parody that even included a fake ultrasound photo, reported MSN.

In particular, Life & Style magazine reported that Miley was pregnant in April, November, and December last year -- and then repeated its pregnancy reports as a way of celebrating the New Year. Since Miley has been dating Maria Shriver's son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, the tabloid even reported that she's having his baby.

Paying tribute to Miley's love for pizza, the parody photo shows a baby made completely from the tomato-and-cheese-covered crust.

"The rumors are true…… @cheythom," wrote Miley for the caption, with a nod to the friend, Cheyne Thomas, shown performing the fake ultrasound.

However, despite mocking the rumors, Miley and Patrick continue to strengthen their relationship, reported the Daily Mail. They even went to Disneyland together, braving the inevitable photographers in exchange for old-fashioned fun.

The pair have been dating for about five months, first showing up as a couple in November. They spent Valentine's Day as a couple, and even went to Clive Davis' famous Pre-Grammy Gala in Beverly Hills in February.

So what does Maria Shriver think about the relationship? She joined Miley and Patrick on a dinner date in West Hollywood, reported E! News.

"They all looked like they were having a great time—enjoying engaging conversation and laughing," revealed an insider who observed the trio dining together. "It looked like Maria and Miley got along really well."

Patrick and Miley were careful about displaying their affection for each other in front of his mother.

"I saw her put her arm on his shoulder and then he put his arm around her," added the observer. "They were smiling a lot."

And the views on whether their love is for real?
"Miley and Patrick were really cute together. They look like they are genuinely in love."
As for those pregnancy rumors that might dampen their happy mood, they may want to talk to Jennifer Aniston. As the Inquisitr reported, Aniston has been dealing with pregnancy rumors for years, as well, and recently expressed her frustration.

"Listen, that's a topic [having children] that's so exhausted. I get nervous around that, just because it's very personal," emphasized Jennifer.

And Aniston sent a message to the media about the false reports.

"If the world only could just stop with the stupid, soap-opera bulls**t. There's no story."

[Image via Miley Cyrus Instagram]