Charlize Theron Takes Audiences To 'Dark Places' In This New Thriller [Video]

Charlize Theron stars in a new thriller, and fans have a first look with the release of the film's trailer, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The film is called Dark Places and it puts Charlize in the role of Libby, the only survivor from a massacre that resulted in the murders of her mother and her two sisters. As the story unfolds, it's revealed that Libby's brother, Ben, was convicted for the murders, which took place in the 80s, and that Libby (Theron) has never doubted his guilt. An encounter with a true crime fanatic (Nicholas Hoult) threatens to change that, as he forces Libby to question all that she has come to accept as truth in the case. Dark Places takes audiences back and forth in time through flashbacks, as Charlize's character reexamines her brother's childhood.

Dark Places is another book-to-film adaptation from author Gillian Flynn. Moviegoers might recognize Flynn's special brand of plot twists from the latest film based on her works, Gone Girl. Speaking of Dark Places at a recent red carpet event, Flynn revealed that French director Gilles Paquet-Brenner was very eager to take on Dark Places as his next project.

"He wanted to get it so right. He's a Parisian so he'd never been anywhere in the middle of the United States. He flew to Kansas City where I'm from so I could drive him all around the countryside and everything. I made him eat Velveeta, just so he could understand. He was not happy about it."
In addition to Charlize Theron, the film also co-stars Christina Hendricks, Nicholas Hoult, and Chloë Grace Moretz. While it currently has no scheduled release date in the United States, Dark Places will open internationally when it hits theaters on April 8 in France, according to Vanity Fair.


Charlize Theron has been busy in recent months. In addition to finishing up work on Dark Places, she has just completed filming on The Last Face, a drama about an international aid agency director who befriends a doctor in Africa, and Mad Max: Fury Road, which will again team up Theron with fellow Dark Places star Nicholas Hoult.

Charlize will also be returning to her role as Ravenna when filming for The Huntsman begins in time for its 2016 release.

In her personal life, Ms. Theron recently announced her engagement to actor Sean Penn. Mr. Penn professes that his pending marriage to Charlize will be his first, even though he's been married twice before.