Watch This 15-Year-Old Girl Absolutely Shred 'Through The Fire And The Flames' In A Viral Video

A video of a 15-year-old girl expertly playing the guitar part of "Through the Fire and the Flames" has gone viral.

The 15-year-old musician, identified only as Tina S, apparently lives in Paris, according to her Facebook page. Already the young musician has developed a rather large fan base for a random teenager: her Facebook page has over 83,000 "Likes," as of this post.

She doesn't say much about herself, however. Her Facebook page consists almost entirely of links to her songs on her YouTube channel, and pictures of her in various places -- always holding her guitar: a Vigier Excalibur Custom.

In her latest video, she tackles the 2006 song "Through the Fire and the Flames," by British power metal band Dragonforce. You may remember that song if you've played any of the games in the Guitar Hero franchise: it's considered one of the hardest, if not the hardest, of all of the songs in the franchise. YouTube is filled with videos of Guitar Hero players attempting the song -- some pull it off, some fail spectacularly.

The comments on Tina's video on YouTube have been almost uniformly positive (every YouTube video will bring out at least a few haters; that's just how things work in the free-for-all that is YouTube Comments).

I'm waiting for the day that she forms a band and rockets to fame. I will so be buying a ticket to the first show, wherever it may be.

I can't even play this on Guitar Hero 3 on hard. Dayum..


Tina is also, apparently, a polite and well-mannered young lady: in the description of her "Through the Fire and the Flames" video, she makes sure to give credit to her guitar teacher, Renaud Louis-Servais.

[Image courtesy of: Facebook]