Is Scott Eastwood The Next Bachelor? Kind Of [Video]

Scott Eastwood got a ton of attention when he started modeling. So far he’s managed to turn that into a pretty impressive burgeoning acting career thus far. Now, it looks like Eastwood might be the next bachelor — sort of.

Eastwood is in a Funny or Die parody of the famous show The Bachelor. Instead of a girl, Eastwood is looking for man’s best friend — a dog. In the video the host says, “Only one will be chosen, and the rest will be taken back to the pound.”

In Scott Eastwood‘s confessional he goes on to explain that he’s not looking to take a dog “home” in that way. He hilariously states that he’s exclusively looking to find a friend.

“I’m just looking for a special dog that’s willing to play and take naps, no drama, and won’t stare at me when I’m having sex, with a woman, of course. I just want to take the opportunity to clear this up. I’m here to find a friend. That’s it.”

Then we get to see Eastwood hilariously struggling with mundane dog activities such as walking a dozen dogs.

After that things get hairy.

“Some of the dogs are getting jealous and the paws are coming out,” says Eastwood.

The “most dramatic twist in bachelor history”? A feline enters the picture among the “catty” dogs. Watch the video to see who Scott tosses the one to in the “The Bachelor With Dogs.”

Fans of Scott Eastwood’s are eating this funny sketch up.

@ScottEastwood:” He is sooo perfect! This is hilarious!

— Janiece Gracia (@YourNiece89) March 4, 2015

Even Nicholas Sparks thought it was an impressive turn for the actor.

As for whether or not Scott Eastwood is single or not, the last the world heard was that the actor broke up with his girlfriend, model Brittany Brousseau. The model wasn’t with Eastwood when he was promoting his film The Longest Ride back in October. Additionally, a source told People Magazine, that the pair were no longer a couple.

Looks like he truly is the perfect bachelor. We don’t know if he’s fielding offers from the ladies, but perhaps that will be the sequel to this Funny or Die sketch?

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]