Sarah Stage Is 8 Months Pregnant, But You’d Never Guess It

Sarah Stage is 8 months pregnant. But if you looked at her, you’d never guess that was the case. That’s because the 30-year-old model has managed to maintain an alarmingly thin frame throughout her pregnancy.

Stage has regularly taken to her Instagram account, which has over a million followers, to offer updates on her pregnancy. Here’s an image of her when she was just two months into it.

OK, she’s clearly in a gym and different women’s bodies work in different fashions, so maybe she wouldn’t have started to show at this point.

With that in mind, though, let’s fast-forward quite a few months to see how Sarah Stage is doing after six months.

Wow. Now that’s impressive. But surely she would start to look as if she was carrying another human being after eight months, when she is just a few weeks from meeting her bundle of joy?

The answer to that is a resolute no — as you can clearly see from the below picture.

It’s uncertain whether one should be concerned or impressed that Sarah Stage is clearly the best magician the world has ever known. Seriously, where is she hiding her child?

After unleashing a more polished version of the image above, which she took in conjuncture with Skonhet, onto her Instagram account, Stage wrote, “Can’t wait to meet him #8monthspregnant.”

Stage, who is of European and Costa Rican descent, started her modeling career when she was just two-years-old, and she has since risen through the ranks and is currently signed to Elite Model Management, which is one of the world’s most regarded agencies.

According to Malaysian Digest, Sarah has insisted that she doesn’t have any secret method to maintaining such a toned and impressive physique. In fact, she admits that she often dabbles in cheeseburgers. The only reason that she believes she has such a slim frame despite being pregnant is that she visits the gym every day.

However, some people have insisted that the model might actually be jeopardizing the health of her unborn child.

According to One Thousand Days Of Life, one in four women in the United States don’t gain enough weight during their pregnancy. Women who have a healthy BMI are encouraged to gain around 25 lbs during their pregnancy. Otherwise, they risk having a preterm birth, and there is even the chance that their child could have asthma, too.

[Images via Instagram/Mirror]