Jim Bob Duggar Gets Gangster: Duggar Dad Raps And Dances For Church Fundraiser [Video]

It is probably a video that many 19 Kids and Counting fans thought they would never live to see. However, the patriarch of the growing Duggar family, Jim Bob Duggar, was caught on video doing something he tells his children to avoid at all costs -- dancing. The dancing Duggar was taking part in a fundraising event at a church in Ohio, where he pulled out his best moves in a rap duet with Christian comedian Anita Renfroe.

In the video, you can see a nervous-appearing Jim Bob Duggar sporting some dark shades and a suit. His Blues Brother-esque attire is fitting, considering what the conservative Duggar is about to do. Anita Renfroe, a popular Christian comedian, is on stage while Jim Bob and Michelle sits to the side in a chair. Renfro jokes with the Duggars before entering into her popular rap called "In Tha Muthahood."

The rap pokes fun of common problems faced by busy moms, and Michelle seems to relate to many verses as she shakes her head in agreement. However, her eyes are stuck on her husband, who pushes through some goofy spins and twirls and joins in on the chorus lines. Jim Bob seems to loosen up during the performance; however, numerous times at the beginning, he can be seen looking over to Michelle for approval.

At the end of the rap, the Duggar dad can be seen striking a gangster pose with Renfroe as Michelle nervously joins in. The audience seemed to love Jim Bob's moves and cheered him on accordingly. Some have questioned the "dancing," noting that the Duggar family is known for their extremely conservative values which includes no dancing, as it could bring on lustful thoughts. After viewing the video, it can safely be said that Jim Bob's moves were lust-free, and he likely was not violating any family values by giving it his best at the charity event.

What do you think of Jim Bob Duggar's dance moves and rap?