Harvard Rejection Letter To 40-Minute Mixtape Is Fake, Still Deserves Your Entire Attention

A sensational Harvard rejection letter has been confirmed as a fake. But even though it was completely fabricated and instead written for a local humor magazine, it is still worth your time and effort.

You can check out the entire Harvard rejection letter, which reveals that the alleged student had applied by sending in a 40-minute mixtape and boasting of having “swagg money,” below.


In the letter the alleged applicant’s essay also opened up with the phrase, “listen up you little slanks,” while it concluded with “*drops mic*.” Plus, her recommendation was a “copy of Grown Ups 2 signed by Chancellor Angela Merkel,” rather than a letter from a former teacher.

The above letter soon started to spread across the internet like wildfire after it was uploaded to reddit, and immediately started to have users in stitches. But the truth soon got mixed up in all of the mirth and people started to believe that the letter was real.

But only 24 hours after it first appeared on the world wide web, Molly Alice McGaan came out and took full responsibility for the letter, while also revealing that it was completely fake.

But rather than being overjoyed that her highly humorous letter had gone viral, McGaan was beside herself with worry because she’s actually applied to Harvard and is now concerned that it might hurt her chances of being accepted.

However, she managed to take her newfound fame in good spirits too, as she insisted that now she is viral, she was above being told what to do by her mother.

She also promised to keep people up to date with whether Harvard took her amusing letter in the spirit it was intended, or if they reject her for being prematurely disobedient.

It’s safe to say, though, that Molly Alice McGaan’s letter has probably enhanced her chances of being accepted rather than harmed them.

[Images via Twitter/Wikimedia]