Chelsea Houska's Daughter Aubree Shows Off Her Artistic Skills

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has been filming the newest season of the show without sharing too much on Twitter and Instagram. It is no secret that Chelsea has found love again. Finally, fans will be able to see something other than her fighting for Adam Lind's attention and being used by him. Instead, Houska has found love with a new man.

Chelsea Houska has been dating a man named Cole DeBoer for a few months now, and he appears to be bonding with Aubree. Finally, Chelsea will be sharing some fun and happy moments on the upcoming season of Teen Mom. And while Aubree is growing up on cameras, Houska is still showing off some of her daughter's skills on Instagram.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska is now revealing that her daughter, Aubree, has some mad painting skills. Clearly, Houska has allowed her daughter to experiment with some paint and some brushes. And with that cute face, Aubree is clearly focused and determined to make something beautiful.

Aubree Houska
Aubree Houska

Even MTV News really enjoyed the picture of Aubree, and predicted that her paintings would be worth quite a bit down the line. And with the Teen Mom platform, it is very possible that Chelsea could sell her paintings and save up for Aubree's college fund.

According to the Inquisitr, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has been bonding with her daughter and new boyfriend. When Houska started dating Cole, he must have known who she was and that she had a daughter with a different man. But it sounds like Cole has fit right into the life Chelsea has created for herself.

In various social media posts, Cole has been bonding with Aubree, who may love having a man to look up to now that her father has been missing in action for so much of her life. In addition, Houska may love that Cole absolutely adores both her and her daughter. He has been doing renovations on her home in South Dakota, and he has been working with Chelsea to create a home for her.

Apparently, Chelsea Houska has not allowed Cole to move in with her yet, and it is possible that she wants to protect her daughter from this relationship. Maybe she just wants to be sure before she makes a big decision. Or maybe Adam Lind is causing troubles for her, even though he moved on and got another woman pregnant without consulting Chelsea.

What do you think about Chelsea Houska's daughter? Do you think she is having a blast with Chelsea's new man?

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