HBO Streaming Service: HBO Now Set To Debut In April

HBO’s streaming service is set to debut in April. Dubbed HBO Now, the much-anticipated service will allow viewers to stream HBO content without a cable or satellite TV subscription.

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said the stand-alone service could reach up to 80 million viewers – who do not currently subscribe to HBO through their cable provider.

As reported by International Business Times, HBO’s streaming service will cost an estimated $15 per month. Although it will cost more than Nexflix, which offers a similar service, HBO CEO Richard Plepler said HBO Now “is a premium product, and it will be priced accordingly.”

As reported by Retro Junk, Home Box Office, commonly called HBO, debuted in 1972 as a premium cable channel. The network is currently owned by Time Warner, and remains “one of the most influential networks in the world.”

Although the network initially focused on films, it eventually became well-known for broadcasting original movies, series, talk shows, documentaries, and sporting events.

Currently, the service is only available through cable and satellite providers. However, HBO’s streaming service will offer the same programming as a stand-alone product.

Beginning in April, viewers will be able to stream HBO Now thorough PlayStation, Roku, and XBox consoles. It will also be available through Apple and Amazon Fire TVs, as well as online.

I plan to cancel HBO tomnorrow with TWC. I’ll take my chances with an AAPL streaming service.

— DennisM (@newsagg) March 5, 2015

As reported by Forbes, HBO Now could increase Time Warner’s profits by an estimated $480 million. It is unclear whether HBO’s streaming service will affect cable and satellite TV subscriptions. However, as reported by PC Mag, the idea has understandably met resistance from traditional cable providers.

Although the service will likely cause waves within the industry, Plepler said “it is time to remove barriers to those who want HBO.” In addition to working with their current partners, HBO “will explore models with new partners” to provide service to as many viewers as possible.

The HBO Now launch date and price have not been confirmed by company officials. However, several sources have confirmed HBO’s streaming service will debut on April 12, and will cost around $15 per month.

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