Giudice Mansion Taken Off The Market: Teresa & Joe's New Jersey Home Is Not Currently For Sale

The Giudice mansion is no longer for sale. As Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice remains behind bars, serving a 15-month prison sentence, her husband, Joe, has taken their home off the market.

According to a new report, the 4-acre Giudice mansion, whose price was cut by $500,000 in January, is no longer listed on real estate sites, and likely won't go back on the market until weather conditions improve.

On March 4, a source revealed the following regarding the Giudice mansion in an interview with All About The Tea:

"The snow and bad weather forced Jo to take the house off the market. He can't handle having to keep the house clean all the time and the driveway free of snow to accommodate the showings. But he does plan to put the house back on the market after the weather improves."
The site claimed the Giudice mansion was listed at $2.99 million, but recently appraised at $1.8 million. According to Zillow, the Giudice mansion boasts six bedrooms and six bathrooms, and features over 10,000 square foot of living space.

Back in October, the Giudices, who've starred for years on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, were sentenced for crimes of bank and wire fraud. During sentencing, Teresa was sentenced to 15-months behind bars, and Joe was ordered to serve 41-monthsin prison.

Also during their trial, the couple was ordered to repay those they allegedly defrauded over the years. Around this time, the Giudice mansion was put on the market, likely to help the pair knock out a chunk of the money owed.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Giudice mansion isn't the only way the couple are planning to generate revenue in hopes of repaying their debt.

In January, a source revealed the following to Radar Online:

"Teresa believes a book about how she coped with being in prison, and the obstacles she faced, would be a huge hit. Having already published several cookbooks, Teresa is touting this as a memoir that anyone could relate to. Teresa admires the way in which Martha Stewart handled her business after being released from prison, and would like to follow in that fashion."
Teresa's tell-all has yet to be confirmed, and it is unclear when the Giudice mansion will be put back on the market.

However, if Joe wants to get the home sold, it could be in his best interest to do so sooner rather than later. According to a real estate expert who spoke to All About The Tea, it wasn't a good move taking the Giudice mansion off the market.

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