Farrah Abraham: 'Teen Mom' Says To 'Look At' Book Covers As They're Collected, Hints She Is Not Done Writing

Farrah Abraham was the first of the Teen Mom cast to release a memoir. Her book, My Teenage Dream Ended, quickly made the New York Times Bestseller list, and since then, other cast members have followed suit and released their own memoirs.

Each time one is released, they are usually successful, and it makes sense that they gain popularity. While fans get to see a lot on Teen Mom, there is so much that the show doesn't show, including things that happen behind the cameras as well as the things that happened before the cast even became famous for the show.

This was the appeal of My Teenage Dream Ended, as Farrah Abraham was open about much of her life, including things that the public didn't see on the show. She also opened up about her relationship with Sophia's father, Derek, who passed away before their daughter was born. Included on the cover of Farrah's book was a photo of herself with Sophia. However, Amber Portwood, Kailyn Lowry, and Catelynn Lowell have since released their own memoirs, and the covers of their books didn't include photos of their children, something that Farrah may have been talking about with her latest tweet.

While it is unclear if Farrah Abraham was talking about her co-stars' books, she did make the tweet after retweeting a few tweets about her book and those of her co-stars.

Kailyn Lowry was the second from the Teen Mom franchise to release her memoir, Pride Over Pity. While she talked about her life as a teen parent in the book, she chose not to include her son on the cover. Likewise, Amber Portwood's book, Never Too Late, does not feature a photo of her daughter. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's newly-released Conquering Chaos features an image of the couple.

My Teenage Dream Ended is not Farrah Abraham's only book, though. The reality show star has also released a trilogy of erotic novels. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Farrah admitted that she may not be done with her writing career, either.

"I just finished the trilogy. 'Love Through Limelight' is out and at the end, the erotica story turned into a love story that other women can relate to, and I'm proud of that. I'm proud of every book that I've done and hopefully will be doing another one soon."

Farrah Abraham hasn't announced any official plans for another book, but she will be returning to Teen Mom OG later this month. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, she will not appear on the first episode.

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