‘Paul McCartney Dead’ And Other Great Beatles Conspiracy Theories

Earlier this week Inquisitr debunked a story that had been widely circulating that claimed Paul McCartney had died decades ago and been replaced by a lookalike. The latest conspiracy theory quoted an “interview” with Ringo Starr in the fictitious Hollywood Enquirer which said “when Paul died, we all panicked, we didn’t know what to do, and Brian Epstein, our manager, suggested that we hire Billy Shears [a McCartney look-alike] as a temporary solution.”

Not only is Paul McCartney alive and well, the Hollywood Enquirer did not interview McCartneys band-mate. In fact the Hollywood Enquirer does not even exist. Of course this is not the first time that Paul McCartney and the Beatles have been subject of a conspiracy theory.

According to Ask Men The Beatles were not even a pop group. They were a social experiment in mass brainwashing dreamed up by the Tavistock Institute working in conjunction with Stanford Research Institute.

Hoaxes.org debunks much of the “evidence” that McCartney is dead. For example conspiracy theorists have claimed that McCartney is wearing an armband on the back cover of the Sgt Pepper album that bears the letters OPD and that this stands for “Officially Pronounced Dead.” In fact the armband was given to McCartney by the Ontario Provincial Police whilst on tour.

Newscom Australia lists some wonderful Beatles conspiracy theories including one that claims all of the Beatles except Paul McCartney died and were replaced by lookalikes. Apparently this particular McCartney theory was dreamt up by a student at the University of Virginia named Chris Fishel who came up with “evidence” in 1994.

According to popular conspiracy theorist Dr. John Coleman Paul McCartney and the Beatles were created by the Illuminati to brainwash American youth and to control them through the use of soft drugs.

There are literally hundreds of conspiracy theories concerning McCartney and the Beatles. Just a few favorites claim that McCartney and his mates tried to use Transcendental meditation to control the minds of politicians and influence the outcome of elections in the the UK and U.S.

Some claim that the McCartney was behind a smear campaign against Michael Jackson that labelled Jackson as “a freak, a homosexual and a child molester.” In retaliation Jackson bought the rights to the Beatles back catalog.

Mass murderer Charles Manson even gets in on the McCartney conspiracy theories act by claiming that McCartney’s lyrics in “Helter Skelter” were a call to arms in a race war between black and white.

There seems to be no end of Paul McCartney and Beatles conspiracy theories. Which are your favorites?

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]