Call for interest: blog advertising group

Aaron Brazell has a great video up today on Technosailor, building on an idea I touched on briefly the other day: the limitations individual blogs have in selling ads, and the possibilities of blogs banding together.

Aaron also discusses some collective cross promotion, which has its possibilities (and I know of at least one existing group in that space), but to start with I’d like to throw open a call for interest at least in terms of blog advertising.

If you’ve got a blog say 50-75,000 page views/ month or more, and might be interested in an advertising grouping, drop me a line, or leave a comment. I’m not promising that anything may come of this, but if collectively we can come up with 5-10 sites (or even more) with 100k page views on average each, I’d think it would open up some opportunities.

If you’re in ad sales, or even if you’re an existing blog operator with a sales team and might be interested in selling ads for a 500,000 to 1million page view collective of blogs, feel free to drop me a line as well (note though if we get enough interest I’ll make a formal call in this regard as well). I know personally at least that I have no objection to an existing player taking a cut from advertising sales as long as they were delivering quality, well paying advertising. If you’re a blog network owner for example those extra page views in your sales mix may also help you sell more ads on your own blogs as well.

I’m reminded one of those corny mantras from my corporate past: TEAM = together everyone achieves more! If this doesn’t work out, so be it, but you never know unless your try, stranger things have evolved from such simple ideas in the past 🙂