Karrueche Tran Dumped Chris Brown Before She Knew About Baby

Karrueche Tran reportedly found out about Chris Brown’s love child the same way the rest of the world found out — through the world of internet tabloid news. She didn’t know prior to this because, unbeknownst to everyone else, she had dumped Breezy a week before the baby drama even came to be. E!Online shared this shocking information, but the reasons are still not known. Is the stylist and model finally done with Chris Brown’s chaotic life?

A source reportedly close to Tran told the tabloid that when TMZ broke the news of Chris Brown’s baby, Tran was shocked. While she’s chosen to be quiet about the whole ordeal (aside from her tweet wishing Chris and his family good luck in the future), friends say that she is “really hurt, upset and pissed off.” Why wouldn’t she be? She only just declared her love for Brown to the media, announcing that she’d love to marry him someday. Now all of a sudden she’s finding out that he’s the father of some other woman’s baby, and finding out on the internet like a perfect stranger to the “Loyal” singer.

While fans and gossip rags are focusing on the scandal surrounding Brown and the baby that may or may not be his (has a paternity test proven this without a shadow of a doubt?), nobody is asking Karrueche Tran why she had dumped the singer a week before the bombshell was dropped on the world by TMZ. The two had been inseparable since the end of December when they mended their relationship from the last breakup, so for her to stop speaking to Brown for an entire week indicates that there was trouble in paradise, but why?

Gossip rags have been all over Brown and Tran for several months, but in recent weeks Brown has done a lot of damage on his own in interviews with radio personalities. While in New York during an interview on The Breakfast Club, Brown made polarizing comments about wanting to impregnate both Tran and his former girlfriend Rihanna. He also made comments along the lines that neither Karrueche or Rihanna would ever find better men in their lives than him. Come to think of it, this shocking radio interview took place just about a week before Chris’s baby drama rocked media headlines. Did something he said upset Kae?

Why do you think Karrueche dumped Chris?

[Photo: Tumblr/Kae Tran Fan Pics]