Chelsea Handler Responds To Breast Lift Rumors With Topless Photo

Chelsea Handler isn't posting all those topless photos on Twitter because she recently got a breast lift. According to the comedian, her boobs are happily hanging out right where gravity has allowed them to sit, and no plastic surgeon has sliced them open and hoisted them up.

A source recently told Us Weekly that Chelsea Handler got a breast lift six months ago because she was "stressed about looking saggy." The insider claimed that the boob job was Chelsea's 40th birthday gift to herself and that she's been baring her breasts on Twitter because she's so proud of the way they look. However, Us Weekly's unnamed source might be one of Chelsea's pals playing a prank on her -- according to PEOPLE, Handler recently denied the breast lift claim.

The talk show host responded to the boob job rumor in true Chelsea fashion by making a joke about how many guys have made it to second base with her.

Apparently this response didn't convince some Twitter trolls that Chelsea Handler's breasts are all-natural, because she later tried to provide photographic evidence that they haven't been enhanced. Of course this was in the form of a NSFW topless photo.

"Here idiots. A totally sober portrayal of proof," Chelsea captioned the picture, which showed her lying down topless on a filthy floor with her arms over her head.

This isn't the first time Chelsea Handler has gotten defensive over a plastic surgery comment. No topic seemed to be off-limits on Handler's old E! talk show, but she's actually very sensitive when it comes to plastic surgery. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Handler said that she doesn't like to try to humiliate other celebrities by mentioning plastic surgery.

Chelsea knows what it feels like to face plastic surgery accusations during an interview. According to Us Weekly, Piers Morgan brought up plastic surgery while giving her a back-handed compliment.

"You either had plastic surgery or a makeover, because you look really hot today," Morgan remarked during a 2013 appearance on Chelsea Lately. Handler responded by calling Piers "obnoxious," and she accused him of undressing her with his "molester eyes."

Perhaps Chelsea Handler should be a bit flattered that everyone thinks that her breasts are fake -- it's just a sign that they're in really great shape. Last month, a few of Handler's Twitter followers came up with a different theory about why her boobs look so big.

To be fair, Chelsea played a part in starting the pregnancy rumor that she shot down in the tweet above. As the Inquisitr reported, she had previously joked about being pregnant in an Instagram post.

What do you think of Chelsea Handler's numerous topless Twitter photos? Do her breasts look real and spectacular?

[Image credit: Jonathan Leibson/Getty]