Rayvonte Rice Proclaims He'll Always Bleed Orange & Blue Basketball

It seems this is Rayvonte Rice's senior year at UI, and he's doused in school pride as he makes a lasting statement via his Instagram page.

Like Rayvonte, athletes who give their all to a program have a certain sense of school spirit or pride that may or may not exist in the rest of the student body. This happens around the world at different colleges and universities and is an honorable notion, to be proud of your endeavors. However, it's slightly different for Rice. He's a senior and, being so, he's leaving the basketball program after this season.

As can be noticed from Rayvonte's years at the University of Illinois as one of the key players, Rice definitely has sacrificed diligent hours. To have the type of "top of the key" ability he has, it would be just cause to note such an attribution.

With March Madness 2015 right around the corner, you would think the pressure is on for Rayvonte, right? Well, from ESPN's Bracketology, it doesn't seem like Rice and the team are predicted to contend. Not to say it's true. It is just a prediction. Yet, that's not exactly the ideal way that Rayvonte may have wanted to end his college basketball career. One can only imagine how Rice feels. Actually, no. It's apparent how he feels, as deemed by Rayvonte's Instagram, which states as follows.

"We all had different journey's, but have the same goal. Loved coming back home and playing the game I love [basketball] in front of my city. Words can't explain how much I am or shud [should] I say we are going to miss playing in the StateFarm Center. We all bleed them school color, the [orange] & [blue]. So come out and support the seniors & the squad @ 9pm #illinination."
This, of course, was before last night's game against Nebraska, in which Rice helped secure a win. The game was simply the last home game of his basketball "career" with the school.

In a matter of hours, Rayvonte has been trending via social media platforms. That's a lot to happen for someone who's predicted not to make it to the March Madness Tournament, right? Rice followers can be seen tweeting as follows.

Rice isn't a hot commodity for nothing. You should probably be on the lookout for the Illini in upcoming weeks, just in case. Don't totally count them out yet.

What are your thoughts on Rayvonte's hype? Share your thoughts.

[Feature Image via Chicago Sports]