Guy Performs WWE Finishing Moves On His Girlfriend And She’s Cool With It

There is a new video making the Internet rounds and it has to do with wrestling, but not on a professional level. Well, not entirely. This guy named Joe Weller decided to make a short YouTube video that literally shows him performing WWE finishing moves on his girlfriend in the backyard.

The best part about this whole thing? She’s obviously totally cool with it.

Joe Weller is a U.K. YouTube personality who has over one million subscribers, according to Yorkshire Standard, and his number just keeps on growing. That number will only get bigger after this video that is going viral now in a big way.

In the video, he says he invited a girl to the house and she just so happens to not like the color blue. Weller has a problem with that, because he loves the color blue.

“I like wearing blue t-shirts so this makes me really really angry, so I need to go and deal with this situation now.”

At that point, he sneaks up behind her as she’s cleaning up around the pool and proceeds to take her out with a number of WWE finishing moves. As if that isn’t good enough, there is also running commentary from WWE announcers Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, and good ol’ Jim Ross.

If you’d like a running tally, here are the wrestlers and their WWE finishing moves that he performs on his girlfriend into the pool.

  • Chokeslam – As done by both Undertaker and/or Kane
  • Batista Bomb/Powerbomb – As done by Batista
  • Attitude Adjustment – The finishing move of the ever-popular John Cena
  • Tombstone Piledriver – As also done by both Undertaker and/or Kane
  • RKO (outta nowhere) – As done by Randy Orton

At the end, when Joe Weller happens to see his girlfriend’s twin, he decides to do a double suplex into the pool and take both of them out.

He’s done other videos before, such as WWE Finishing Moves Done In Public, and they’ve gone just as incredibly viral. What makes this particular so much more intriguing is that there is no fading out or letting up when he performs the move.

The girl in the video takes the full brunt of the punishment into the pool and often times lands flat-backed on the water. That just can’t feel good at all, and it has to be like landing on concrete at times for her.

If you’re up for it, check out Weller’s videos of WWE finishing moves on his girlfriend or in public, but think twice about doing them yourself.

[Image via YouTube]