Harry Hamlin On Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards’ ‘RHOBH’ Fight, Addresses His ‘Secret’

Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shined the spotlight on Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, thanks to Kim Richards. During the episode, Kim threatened to tell a secret about Harry. Thankfully for Lisa, it seems that Harry is taking everything in stride.

Prior to the airing of the episode, Harry sarcastically tweeted that he loves the drama that comes with Real Housewives territory.

As the scene aired, Harry addressed the “secret” that he and Lisa are supposedly hiding.

After the episode ended, Harry made sure to tell everyone that he supports his wife despite what happened.

The drama reached a boiling point during the women’s stay in Amsterdam. Over a group dinner in a restaurant, Kim lashed out at Lisa for questioning her sobriety. When Lisa told Kim that she’s just concerned about her, Kim told Lisa that she’s concerned about her and brought up her “situation” at home.

When Yolanda tried to remind Kim that Lisa was coming from a good place, since her husband has been sober only for a few years, Kim responded, “Let’s talk about the husband.” As Lisa sat in shock and incredulously asked if Kim just said what she heard, Kim sarcastically said, “Lets not talk about what we don’t want out.”

Lisa yelled at Kim to not “ever touch [her] husband, ever,” reached over as if she was going to grab Kim’s neck and got up out of her seat. Undeterred, Kim repeatedly said, “Everybody will know.”

At that point, Lisa tossed a wine glass towards Kim, sending shards of glass everywhere. The fight even resulted in Kyle Richards running out of the restaurant in a panic and throwing her filming microphone on the floor. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kyle explained that she has anxiety and her first reaction was to run.

In her latest blog post, Lisa Rinna explained what caused her to react in such a way to Kim Richards’ accusation.

“Unfortunately, Kim twisted what Yolanda was trying to do into a deflection away from her own behavior and onto my husband and me… I am fiercely protective of my marriage and my family, and I’ll be damned if I let someone as disturbed as she create false rumors about my husband… That was my ‘DO NOT F*** WITH ME’ moment. You have just met my inner gangster! I’m just glad that I didn’t strangle her on the spot, mainly because I hear the food in jail sucks and orange is not my best color!”

Lisa revealed that Kim actually met Harry once and it was the night of Eileen Davidson’s poker party, when Kim was out of it.

“The crazy part is Kim has met HH once. One time. And that was the night of the poker party when she had taken one or two or 20 of Monty’s pain pills, so who knows what on earth was going through her mind when she met him or during that car ride from hell.”

So what’s Harry Hamlin’s “secret” that Kim Richards was threatening to tell? Her The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ally Brandi Glanville certainly thinks that Lisa Rinna is trying to hide something. In her blog post, Brandi wrote that Lisa wouldn’t have reacted that way if there was nothing in her marriage’s closet.

“Note Kim didn’t expose any of Rinna’s secrets. Kim only lets it be known that she COULD. All I’m saying is that if I had nothing to hide, I wouldn’t be trying to claw out someone’s throat, knocking chairs over, and breaking glasses at Yolanda’s dinner parties. Would you?”

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