Nick Gordon’s Dr. Phil Interview: Be The First To Watch It Online

Nick Gordon is finally planning to speak to the public in a real and meaningful way, with Gordon set to meet with Dr. Phil, as reported by TMZ. Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend has been in the news quite a bit ever since Whitney Houston’s daughter suffered a tragic drowning weeks ago that has left her in a coma state, reportedly suffering seizures when her doctors reduced her coma medication. According to the Inquisitr, Nick has been the subject of a police investigation ever since, with a witness claiming Gordon allegedly cleaned up blood at the scene prior to police arriving.

Dr. Phil is just the guy to get to the heart of such matters, and the Daily Mail reports that Dr. Phil has flown to Atlanta to meet Nick, and talk on air about the circumstances surrounding the tragic event. It’s a circumstance that had led Gordon to send out desperate tweets on Twitter, such as one wishing Bobbi Kristina: “Happy Birthday baby”, as reported by CBS News. However, it isn’t just birthday wishes for Bobbi’s 22nd birthday that have caused concern. There were references to suicide that have amped up the attention to the case, and have the world watching Nick’s next move — hoping Dr. Phil can get to the bottom of his angst.

“Happy Birthday baby I wish I was there with you to hold you and be by your side. I’m so hurt I wanna do myself in, I know I have to [be] strong.”

Meanwhile, as Bobbi remains in a coma on her birthday, news that Gordon could actually speak in a public format whilst under investigation has the online world buzzing about the media implications of Nick’s Dr. Phil interview. Anything that Gordon does admit to during the Dr. Phil Show could be used later in a court of law against him, and will definitely be followed closely by investigators to determine any inconsistencies in his story.

As far as finding that Dr. Phil interview with Gordon, beyond TV promos that will no doubt constantly publicize the event, signing up for the Dr. Phil newsletter, and subscribing to the Dr. Phil YouTube channel updates will probably represent a viewer’s best bet for finding the interview with Nick — and to find snippets before the interview airs on TV. Also, a search for both Phil McGraw and Nick Gordon on YouTube, sorted by most recently uploaded videos, might prove successful.

[Image via Extra]