Adam Carolla: ‘Road Hard’ Set To Hit Theatres, Did Alison Rosen Make The Cut? [Video]

Adam Carolla has what he calls a “motor,” and with the amount of work and projects Carolla is constantly involved in, he needs one.

With a daily podcast, multiple other weekly podcasts, his TV show, Catch A Contractor, guest appearances, live shows, writing books, racing cars, a set of Carolla twins, a Carolla wife, and even an adult beverage line called Mangria, one would think Adam “The Ace Man” Carolla would want to take advantage of any spare time to put his feet up.

But nope. Instead, Adam Carolla, his motor cranking some serious RPMs, set out to write, direct, and star in a movie, and after years of hard work, the fruit of Carolla’s labor is about to hit the big screen, reports SF Gate.

The new Adam Carolla film, Road Hard, hits cinemas March 6 and will also be available via video-on-demand.

As with his critically acclaimed indie film, The Hammer, Road Hard pits a man against the world with romance and comedy also playing pivotal rolls.

This time around, Adam Carolla plays a man named Bruce Madsen, whose relatively successful showbiz career has slowly swirled down the drain. This forces him go back out on the road, doing stand-up comedy at crummy venues, staying in crummy rooms, and having to sit next to other low-life crummy coach flying passengers. Between trying to resuscitate his career, his lovelife, and supporting his daughter, Bruce Madsen provides Carolla lots of opportunity for his trademark comedic and touching moments in Road Hard.

But with Road Hard in the can and ready to hit screens across the country, it shouldn’t be forgotten how Adam Carolla got Road Hard made. Films require money and generally the support of the Hollywood system. But Adam Carolla “flipped the script” on Hollywood, raising over a million dollars via his fans, according to a letter sent by Carolla, thanking those supporters.

Adam Carolla also had to go to the well of his many famous Hollywood celebrity contacts to make Road Hard a reality.

Loosely based on Carolla’s own life, which put him back out on the road following his national radio show being cancelled in 2009, when the station changed formats, other characters reflecting Adam Carolla’s real life also grace Road Hard. These include Jay Mohr who plays a very Jimmy Kimmel-esque talk show host, Kimmel being a former long-time friend and showbiz partner of Carolla’s.

Road Hard also features other well-known Hollywood players, all of whom have also brought many laughs to the Adam Carolla podcast, including Howie Mandel, David Alan Grier, and Larry Miller.

But a question of many Adam Carolla fans has been whether or not former Adam Carolla podcast hostess, Alison Rosen, would maintain her Road Hard cameo appearance after Rosen and Carolla parted ways at the end of 2014. A running joke on the Carolla podcast whenever Adam discussed how Road Hard was coming along, was whether or not Alison Rosen’s bit part had ended up on the cutting room floor yet.

Well, that, along with how Adam Carolla feels about “service dogs” on planes, can be found in the clip below, featuring the hilarious and challenging world of Adam Carolla in Road Hard.

[Image via Getty Images, video via YouTube]