Apple Watch Already Called A Disastrous Flop Before Its Official Release

The Apple Watch is not coming out until April, but is already garnering comparisons to the Apple Newton from the 1990s. Fast Company’s Mark Wilson is one of the many critics of Apple‘s new device.

“Few analysts or writers will outright say it, but I will: the Apple Watch is going to flop. And I bet a lot of other people are thinking the same thing for many good reasons.”

Wilson goes on to talk about the battery life of the Apple Watch, which some say could burn out in a matter of 2.5 hours before needing a recharge. Wilson also describes an infrastructure problem where he believes Apple is more interested in selling the watches first instead of creating the most optimal watch experience.

CNN also believes the Apple Watch will flop. One of the reasons is because they believe $350 is too much for a watch, especially because wearable devices haven’t actually taken off. The author, David Goldman, also talks about the poor battery life. He says that people may be better off waiting for the second version of the Apple Watch.

However, there are some people who aren’t happy about the Apple Watch being called a flop before giving it a chance. BGR believes Apple‘s device is being called a flop for the most stupid reasons, while condemning Fast Company’s article.

“If one is going to claim, as Wilson does, that the Apple Watch is poised to be a modern-day Newton, one better bring some cogent arguments to the table. Unfortunately, Wilson, in this regard, fails miserably.”

BGR goes on to accuse Wilson of being lazy with facts and overstating the supposed poor battery life of the Apple Watch. The site also believes that Wilson’s criticism of the infrastructure is also lazy. Steve Kovach from Business Insider also believes it is too early to call the Apple Watch a flop.

“But whenever Apple gets ready to launch a new gizmo, the expectations are higher than they are for any company. Inevitably, someone says it’ll flop. In the case of Apple’s last two major products, the iPhone and iPad, those people were wrong.”

Kovach is definitely onto something here, especially with his iPad comparison. There were many who thought that the iPad would have no use in the marketplace and were proven completely wrong. People don’t really need an Apple Watch, but perhaps Apple will make people believe they really do need it. Apple is brilliant at marketing and they can easily make the Apple Watch a hit, even if it is a horrible device.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]