‘Pump Rules’ Reunion Sneak Peek: Stassi Schroeder Comes Face-To-Face With Jax Taylor, Loses Full-Time Role? [VIDEO]

A Pump Rules reunion sneak peek has recently revealed a face-off between Stassi Schroeder and her ex-boyfriend, Jax Taylor. Although the fashion blogger managed to avoid Taylor all season, there was no escaping during the Pump Rules reunion.

In a March 4 sneak peek, shared by Hollywood Life, Schroeder is seen be welcomed onto set mid-reunion, which confirms she did not appear in a full-time role.

“Good, I mean, it’s kind of odd. I haven’t seen anyone in a really long time,” Schroeder explains to Andy Cohen of seeing her co-stars.

While Schroeder has hinted on Twitter that she doesn’t watch the show any longer, she said that was not the case during the Pump Rules reunion.

After Cohen tells the cast Schroeder is ready to answer questions, Tom Sandoval speaks out, wanting to know why Schroeder darted out of the SUR anniversary party when Taylor arrived.

“The night that you had the SUR party, the 10 year reunion, there was a look of fear, where you, like, had to get out immediately.”

“Absolutely,” Schroeder agreed. “I psyched myself out so much because I’ve been used to this — being about me and Jax, and I did not want that anymore. That’s it. I did not want that anymore.”

Schroeder and Taylor dated on-and-off throughout the series’ first two seasons, but by the time the Pump Rules reunion for season two rolled around, they were no longer on speaking terms. In fact, Schroeder had left town and moved to New York, where she began living with her boyfriend, Patrick Meagher.

Still, Taylor couldn’t see why Schroeder would go to such lengths to avoid running into him at a party, and wanted to know more during the Pump Rules reunion.

“The fact that you were going to such great lengths to stay away from me, I thought that was a little bit much.”

As the Pump Rules reunion continued, Schroeder explained her thought process.

“Honestly, two major reasons: Most importantly, he makes up lies about people, manipulates the situation, and then I feel like everyone’s been a victim of that and I’m not going to willingly put myself in a situation that allows him to do that to me. Secondly, I’m in a relationship with somebody I really love and really respect, and I didn’t feel right hanging out with an ex-boyfriend.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Schroeder didn’t only address her near run-in with Taylor at the Pump Rules reunion. She also spoke of the issue during a taping of Vanderpump Rules Last Call.

The Pump Rules reunion was filmed in Los Angeles last month and begins airing next Monday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

[Photo via Twitter]