Chris Brown Boy? Nia Had A Girl With C Breezy, But Did He Want A Boy?

Chris Brown wanted a baby boy, but his “friend” Nia, whom he apparently hooked up with some time in 2013, gave birth to a girl. The now 9-month-old baby girl is said to be Brown’s first child. According to Hollywood Life, Brown has been pretty open about having children (except when it came to telling the world about his daughter), and said that he wanted a boy.

“I’m cool with two [kids], one is fine, if on the first try it’s a boy,” Brown said during an interview with Power 105.1’s morning show just weeks ago.

Chris Brown’s desire for a boy likely didn’t bother Nia, who is not romantically involved with him anymore. Reports indicate that he and Nia — a 31-year-old former model — are on “good terms,” and that he has been in his daughter’s life. According to Entertainment Wise, Nia is somewhat of a “mystery woman,” as no one has really heard her name before. People have guessed that it might be Nia Riley from Love And Hop Hop, but her age conflicts with the original report.

“One woman who has been identified as the possible baby mama is Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Nia Riley. The on/off girlfriend of Soulja Boy, she has a daughter Kamryn, but is only 26 which differs with the TMZ story. The daughter of rapper Teddy Riley has now made her Twitter page private after she was identified as the possible mother this morning.”

Since Chris Brown didn’t have a boy with Nia, chances are he’s going to want to have another baby. Will that be with his on-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran? It’s possible. It seems obvious that he’s been honest with Tran about his child, and while that could have been why the two broke up in the past, they seem to be getting along just fine now.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chris hasn’t been too keen on the whole marriage idea. Apparently during that same interview with Power 105.1, Brown said he’s cool with kids, but that he doesn’t really believe in marriage. Assuming he was fully aware that he already had a baby at the time of that interview, he actually was pretty clear about things.

“I’m cool having a baby. I’m not cool with giving you half of what I’ve earned all my life. Prenups all that, it’s cool. I just think marriage … in our generation marriage has been distorted to our generation of people because it hasn’t worked. The older generations… it worked.”

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]