Cee Lo Green Finished Probation Court Appearances, Receives Glowing Report

On Monday, a judge in a Los Angeles provided an update on Cee Lo Green’s probation terms. Based on a glowing report from his counselor, the former Voice judge is finished with making regular courtroom appearances. Green is hoping to finish his sentence ahead of schedule, and based on his actions thus far, Cee Lo may soon be saying, “forget you” to his drug charge snafu, citing a report from New York Daily News.

Green, 39, whose real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, appeared before Superior Court Judge David Herriford to update His Honor on progress thus far. According to Cee Lo’s probation officer, the singer-songwriter and music producer completed 182 of his required 360 hours.

Cee Lo Green finished 79 of those hours with Volunteers of America (VOA) and assisting poor and homeless veterans on LA’s Skid Row. The eccentric singer also completed 72 hours helping singers who had fallen on bad times. Additionally, the probation officer said he finished 31 hours of court-ordered alcohol and substance abuse training.

Cee Lo entered a no-contest plea last year on drug charges. Allegedly, Green laced a woman’s drink with the ecstasy during a dinner date in 2012. The next day, the woman said she woke up unclothed in a hotel with the singer, but didn’t remember anything beyond the dinner date. He was given a three-year probation sentence on drug charges and was allowed to maintain his innocence.

Cee Lo Green is finishing his probation terms as prescribed with flying colors. TMZ wrote that he’s getting the equivalent of “straight A’s.” His therapist agreed, as evidenced by a letter attached to Green’s probation report.

“It needs to be noted that Mr. Callaway’s experiences at VOA have been extremely impactful and ‘griss’ for his therapy.”

“He often becomes emotional when reporting the ‘plights’ of the vets we often discuss when his community services hours are completed.”

Perhaps, the most surprising observation made of Cee Lo Green as he finishes probation is his acceptance of the terms. As his counselor pointed out, Green is taking ownership of his plea agreement terms, unlike other celebrities, who often think their status bestows a sense of entitlement.

“He shows up and demonstrates a genuine humbleness not often seen by artists that have achieved this type of success.”

While Cee Lo Green finishes his probation schedule, he is working on new music in the studio. Although speculation rose about his return to The Voice, Green dismissed the rumors. Besides, Pharrell appears to be a fan favorite and unseating him may not come so easy.

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