Bill Cosby Accuser Shares Details Of Alleged Sexual Assaults, ‘He Made Me Wear Oatmeal On My Face’

A Jane Doe from the 2005 civil suit against Bill Cosby has come forward to share disturbing details from the alleged sexual assaults she claims occurred in 1978. The latest accuser says he demanded she smear oatmeal on her face and act like a queen.

The woman, identified only as Patricia, says in an interview with BuzzFeed that Cosby not only drugged and raped her, but also demanded she fix her hair like Queen Noor of Jordan and walk around with oatmeal on her face. Although she does not remember much about the alleged sexual assaults, Patricia believes he sexually assaulted her twice.

According to the latest accuser, Cosby took the same approach to lure her into his trap as he did with many of the other women who have come forward in recent months to accuse the 77-year-old comedian of drugging and sexual assault. Like many of the other women, Bill Cosby agreed to be her acting mentor, but once he invited her to his home, things took a bizarre turn.

The latest accuser says Cosby invited her to a dinner party at his home in 1978, and although she thought Camille would attend, when she showed up, she says the two were alone in the house. Patricia, who was 22 at the time, said she thought the entire scene felt strange, but she was trying to act mature and like a grown up. She claims Cosby led her to a coffee table next to his fireplace and this is when he started to issue his strange demands.

“It was so creepy. He told me to convince him that I could remain regal and queen-like no matter what I looked like. I would leave the room and walk back in, pretending to be a queen with oatmeal on her face, and he would tell me I was doing it wrong and to go back and try again. Then, I started to feel weird from the drink. And then I don’t remember much.”

She claims to have blacked out and when she woke up later in a guest bedroom, she was naked and Bill Cosby was standing over her in a bathrobe. The Cosby Show dad allegedly told her she had gotten ill and soiled her dress. Then he offered her a toothbrush.

While Patricia thought it weird that she blacked out after only one drink, she claims she never suspected anything because she trusted Cosby. She maintained a relationship with the comedian over the next year-and-a-half, during which time he flew her to various events across the country and arranged acting classes for her.

It was not until a second incidence of alleged drugging that Patricia says she realized what was going on. After a taping of the Dinah Shore show in 1980, Cosby demanded she take some pills to relax her. She did not wake up until the next morning, but when she awoke, she knew she had been raped.

“I was very sick and knew that someone had penetrated me. Finally, I realized what was happening.”

The latest accuser was one of 13 women who filed a civil suit against Bill Cosby in 2005. According to Patricia, she’s coming forward now with details of her alleged sexual assault to let other women know they are not alone and to encourage more accusers to come forward.

Although more than 30 women have come forward with sexual assault allegations against Cosby, according to The Wrap, his performances are still doing well. He performed before hundreds of fans at his show in Georgia on Saturday night.

[Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]