How Much Did ‘Human Ken Doll’ Spend On Cosmetic Surgery To Achieve The Perfect Look?

When Rodrigo Alves decided one day that he was going to look like the human Ken doll he didn’t think it would cost him more than $185,000 to achieve the perfect look.

The cosmetic surgery for Alves wasn’t limited to the face, as he underwent numerous procedures to his body in his quest to look like Ken, as in “Barbie and Ken.”

Aged 31, Alves recently unveiled his all-new look, and he spoke to reporters about his transformation from a shy child into a male model,

“I do not like to focus on the past because it makes me feel upset. Growing up I felt left alone as no one wanted to be friends with me. Because of my body image and the fact that I was shy, I would shut myself away from social activities.”

Having been the victim of some serious bullying at school, being called choice names such as “potato nose” and “jelly body,” it was obvious that there would be some backlash in later life.

As Alves explained,

“At the age of 16 or 17, I had my first plastic surgery to correct my chest, which I still have the scars of. I knew that I would go ahead with plastic surgery when I was the right age. My way to deal with it was to study hard and to be the best that I could be as a person. I speak four languages and I have a UK degree in PR. I’m dyslexic and I used to pray a lot too, wishing the time away. Now I pray for it to slow down because I don’t want to get old.”

Indeed $185,000 will get you a lot of things these days, but long-life isn’t one of them as no surgery can truly slow down the aging process.

For his part, Alves said he is more than happy to be know as the human Ken doll, a title he is very proud of,

“I celebrate life every day and the ‘human Ken doll’ nickname came about in a very light-hearted way due to my plastic look, my glamorous clothing and jet-setting life style. I’m a perfectionist and when invited to parties and events people expect me to look at my best.”

In terms of plans for the future, Alves said he intends to make his very own reality TV, aimed at a male audience, as he knows there is interest out there for such a show, “My e-mails and Facebook are overloaded with messages from guys who identify themselves with my life story,” he said.