David Duchovny Taunts ‘X-Files’ Fans With Positive Vibes

There’s no doubt about it. Every fan of The X-Files is perched on the edge of his or her seat waiting for the next bit of X-Files reboot gossip to circulate the web, and David Duchovny is only too happy to supply, even if his statements are guarded and somewhat coy.

As might be expected, any interview with either Mr. Duchovny or Gillian Anderson these days will eventually lead to the topic of that X-Files reboot, even when the former co-stars are promoting other projects. This was the case when Duchovny appeared as a guest on The Talk to promote his new project, the NBC crime drama Aquarius, reports the Mirror.

“It looks good,” David told the show’s hosts. “It looks very good.”

“I can’t say for sure, but it looks better than it did two weeks ago,” was all he would add, when pressed for more details.

Though it is still unofficial at this point, it has become somewhat common knowledge that Duchovny, as well as Gillian Anderson and The X-Files creator, Chris Carter, are all eager and willing to be involved in the show’s reboot. Fox executives are reportedly working with the three of them to determine the best way to move forward, according to Metro. One Fox exec, Dana Walden, has confirmed that they are analyzing the stars’ schedules to determine the best time to bring FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully back to television.

“It’s true that we’ve had some conversations on The X-Files and we are hopeful of being able to bring it back at some point,” added Fox CEO Gary Newman.

It has already been stated that The X-Files wouldn’t move forward without any of the three essential names and, while it seems both Duchovny and Anderson are both relatively free to move forward with minimal juggling, Chris Carter may have his hands full for the immediate future. Den of Geek reported that, although Amazon cancelled one project Carter had been involved in, he is still committed to another project with AMC.

Even with possible scheduling conflicts, it may be said that The X-Files reboot is actually further along than anyone is willing to admit at this point. It even has its own untitled IMDb page. An unnamed source has also confirmed that things are moving forward with relative ease.

“Mulder and Scully were one of the greatest TV double acts. — and now Fox want them back. The network feels that they can draw huge numbers and a PR drive to bring back a show which offers both drama and a built in cult following. The money deal is in place and now it is time to produce good story lines and a plot which can make this show a long runner again.”

It seems The X-Files eventual return to television, a project initially spearheaded by Gillian Anderson herself, is moving forward and will be delivered to X-Files fans, new and old, before any alien conspiracies can put a stop to it.