Diarrhea In Elevator Prank Ends With A Bang, Footage Goes Viral

Have you ever had diarrhea in an elevator before?

If so, then you likely would say that the experience was not very comfortable — especially if you were not on the elevator by yourself.

However, this prankster decided to simulate the experience from a different perspective — being stuck on an elevator with someone else that had diarrhea.

The footage starts with two innocent bystanders conversing on the elevator. The prankster then enters the elevator, looking very uncomfortable and in a hurry.

Repeatedly hitting the elevator buttons and pacing back & forth complaining definitely gets the guy’s attention. Their reaction even gets a little more interesting after the prankster starts farting inside of that enclosed space. Shielding their faces with their T-shirts, chances are that neither of those guys expected the man’s “diarrhea” to literally explode inside of the elevator.

Perhaps the best reaction came from the second prank victim who was stuck on the elevator alone with the prankster. His reaction is absolutely hilarious!

Even if you cannot understand what is said, the video clearly explains itself through the prankster’s actions. Canal BOOM posted the prank video through their official YouTube channel last Thursday.

The 3 1/2-minute clip did not take very long to go viral. As of right now, it has generated over 4.8 million views. The “Diarrhea In An Elevator” prank video has also been featured on numerous websites — such as World Star Hip-Hop.

Quite a few people have reaction to the diarrhea prank video on Twitter.

What do you think about the “Diarrhea In An Elevator” prank?

[Image Credit: Canal Boom YouTube]