March 3, 2015
Updates to Google Calendar Android App Include 7-Day View, Drive Attachments

Recent updates to the Google Calendar Android app are catching the attention of users as developers incorporated customer feedback into the latest release. After going live at the end of February, Google Calendar's updated version now offers users the option to view a 7-day week, attach files from Google Drive to calendar events, and quickly view calendar details via pinch-to-zoom technology, VentureBeat noted. Considered a vast improvement over previous versions, the latest app release was designed to be more user friendly and intuitive.

For many Android users, viewing an upcoming agenda wasn't simple in previous versions of Google Calendar. Unlike competing apps, Google Calendar wasn't capable of showing a 7-day week, importing calendars from other apps or allowing event-specific file attachments. Following the app's latest updates, however, Google Calendar has begun to regain the trust of customers worldwide. Reviewers are praising the company for listening to customer's requests with the most recent round of updates.

Early in February, Inquisitr reported Google Calendar was slowly losing its user base as more robust calendar apps became available. Popular calendar and scheduling apps available on any device, such as a Calendar and Business Calendar, are paid options preferred by many Android users due to their compatibility with other popular calendar programs. Some Google Calendar Android app users who reviewed the app prior to the recently announced updates indicated a preference for Android's native calendar app due to usability.

With Google Calendar's recent makeover, users can now import.ics files, making coordination between multiple calendar apps simple. Additional options made available by the app's latest updates include the ability to adjust birthday settings, customize week numbers, and enhance productivity with file attachments. Beneficial for individuals and businesses alike, the addition of files to calendar events expedites preparation for meetings, presentations, and conferences.

The app's latest version was released nearly four months after the app's last overhaul in November 2014, which The Next Web covered in detail. Closing out 2014 with a completely new design, Google Calendar app developers completely revamped the appearance and function of the formerly stale calendar interface to include block events, appealing colors, and intuitive scheduling features that automatically create events from emails.

Developers of the Google Calendar Android app have not yet provided a preview of future changes to the app's functionality, but reviewers are already voicing their complaints. Despite recognition that Google is incorporating user feedback into the app's improvements, many continue to feel a full month calendar view should be developers' next priority.